Run Your Business... Not Your Network!


Why are we different?

    At Innovative Technologies we recognize a very simple fact.  The purpose of your computer network is to allow you to make more money.  It is  a valuable tool to you, your employees, and therefore, your business. By becoming more productive and accessing accurate information more quickly and easily, you realize more profit.  Unfortunately, an unreliable or unsecured network can also cost you a lot of money.  How much money? How much is your data worth?  Lost productivity due to downtime or data loss can devastate a business. Reaching the goal of maximum reliability requires a level of expertise and dedication born of truly understanding the needs of your business.

What do we offer?

¨ Experienced Network Design and Planning

¨ Network Security Solutions

¨ Remote Office Connectivity

¨ Microsoft® Network Management

¨ AS/400™ and iSeries™ Maintenance

¨ High-Availability  Servers

¨ Value-based Workstations

¨ Disaster Recovery and Hot Site

¨ Complete Data Consulting Services

¨ Data Management Outsourcing

¨ Industry Leading Solutions from     Microsoft®, Cisco®, IBM® and 3Com®

¨ Barcode Input and Inventory Control

¨ Technicians who speak to you in  English instead of Acronyms and Computer Jargon.